Conference materials available

We are thrilled to announce that the materials from our recent conference have been compiled and published by Wydawnictwo Rys and are now available for access below. Thank you to everyone who participaded in Practicing Japan. 35 Years of Japanese Studies in Poznań and Kraków. You can also download the book directly form the publisher’s website.

Practicing Japan. 35 Years of Japanese Studies in Poznań and Kraków / ポズナン&クラクフ日本学専攻科設立 35周年記念学会 , edited by Yuki Horie, Hanna Jaśkiewicz, Iga Rutkowska, Patrycja Duc-Harada, Damian Duduś, Stanisław Meyer, Anna Trzaska, Estera Żeromska

Organising Committee

  • Co-chairs:
  • Prof. Estera Żeromska (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań)
  • Prof. Stanisław Meyer (Jagiellonian University in Kraków)


Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

  • Prof. Arkadiusz Jabłoński
  • Iga Rutkowska, PhD
  • Yuki Horie, PhD
  • Nagisa Rządek, MA
  • Andrzej Świrkowski, MA
  • Damian Duduś, MA
  • Hanna Jaśkiewicz, MA
  • Przemysław Rozwadowski, MA
  • Szymon Szeszuła, MA
  • Zuzanna Wnuk, MA
  • Jacek Swędrowski, MA (technical issues)
  • Katarzyna Budasz-Organista, MA (secretary)

Jagiellonian University in Kraków

  • Prof. Tomasz Majtczak
  • Patrycja Duc-Harada ,PhD
  • Anna Trzaska, MA
  • Magdalena Kotlarczyk, MA
  • Sachiko Kurihara, MA (advisor, Japanese-language specialist, The Japan Foundation)

The conference is supported financially by the Japan Foundation (Support Program for Organizations in Japanese-Language Education – Special Program for Sakura Network members)

Sakura Network

Honorary patronage

Ambasada Japonii w Polsce

Patronat Honorowy Rektora Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego